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T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics Annoucements

RoboQuest Derby:

Do-It-Yourself LEGO®-Alternative Educational-Robotics

 using the Raspberry-Pi-Inspired Micro:bit 

for Elementary School Kids, Families and Beyond :) 


[] 2018-0829

First-Ever 'Proof of Concept' 

M.E.C.C.® Event

(M.assively E.ngaged C.o-op C.ompetition) 

2017-04-29 @ Heart Academy Campus, San Jose

M.E.C.C.®: Photos

M.E.C.C.®: Video #1 of 2 ~ Balloon Burst: Daggers of Doom...

M.E.C.C.®: Video #2 of 2 ~ Cups of Chaos

Announcements as of 2017-04-21

Click on the "Shop" Button Above for Discounted Tickets to the Following M.E.C.C. Events (Massively Engaged Co-op Competition):

* Maker Faire: Bay Area

** May 20-21, Sat-Sun, All-Day

** Volunteer at our Booth for a Few Hours Only :)
** Project #: 60174
** Parking is Crowded, So Arrive Early


A 4' Welcome Message from Coach Jay :)

As Showcased at 
Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose 
Maker Faire, Bay Area:

T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics 


Integrating "
T.echnology, A.rtsC.rafts... H.

Silicon Valley's 1st D.I.Y.-Alternative to 
$350 LEGO®, $490 TETRIX® & $540 VEX® Robotics
For under $200

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Math) Curriculum

We've developed a D.I.Y.-based Educational Robotics Systems using Open-Source Technologies, such as the globally-recognized Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  To make such T.echnology more afforadable and accessible to kids of all ages, we've integrated A.rts & C.rafts H.olistically to help kids build their own personal bot.  Thus we present to you T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics.  

Regarding what mobile phones have done to landline-based telephones, we believe the cost-efficiency of world-wide Open-Source Technology will revolutionize Educational Robotics in the same way.  Our vision prepares for a revolution where each kid - whether young or old - will be able to have their own bot for further ownership in both learning, social play and co-op competitions in local neighborhoods and beyond.  

Featuring Our Award-Winning Programming Environment

Demo Missions


I. Our T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics Advantage... 70% more Educational Scope vs. Other Robotic Kits.

Most robotic kits focus on building a Robot and then provide a pre-built, pre-programmed Remote Control (RC) Controller.  

Yet at T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics, we've pioneered one of the most 'open' robotics eco-system.  We empower our students to build and to program both1) their own Robot and 2) their corresponding RC Controller.  In fact, we developed a scalable system that offers three levels of RC Controllers for specialized applications, as shown below:

A. Our Hardware Advantage... Remote Control (RC) System x 3

 Model R1 Base Model
Co-op Competition Prep
Model R2 Upgrade
Co-op Competition Ready
[New for 2016]
Model R3 Upgrade
College & Career Head Start
[New for 2016]
Low-Cost 38KHz RC Network
Software Programmable Keypad Controller
[Industry 1st]

Mid-Cost 2.4GHz RC Network
Software Programmable Joystick Controller
[Industry 1st]

Same RC Network as Model R2
Software Programmable Touch-Screen Controller
[Industry 1st]

Models R2 & R3 Integration/Scalability Demo

B. Our Software Advantage... 70%+ More Industry-Scope Educationally

By allowing our students to customize their own RC Controllers via Software, the scope of their educational experience increases by over 70%, when compared to a recent world-wide industry-poll regarding the most popular Software Development Skills/Occupations [].  Allow us to explain...

Programming the above three levels of Controllers - a.k.a. User Interfaces (UI) - requires us to leave the traditional Lo-Level programming of Embedded/Robotics programming.  Solid UI development necessitates us to cross-over to Higher-Level Software Methodologies, such as Web-Based Server/Cloud Full-Stack coding.  And as an example, one of our Flagship Robots - the Model R3 - features both a Mobile and Desktop Graphical UI that's powered by a Python-Based Raspberry-Pi Server/Cloud via Linux-OS.  This same Web-Based Server/Cloud technology also serves as a foundation for the growth of Internet-of-Things (IoT).

And by addressing a 70% broader Job Market (as shown in the pie-chart data below), T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics offers a more comprehensive preparation for a Career in both Hardware and Software Engineering.


II. Integrating open-source, global T.echnology with a 

family-friendly A.rtsC.rafts methodology... 


We present four core features of 

T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics.

    A. Start Simply...

    Kid-Friendly “Cut & Paste” on our Full-Color Plastic-Corrugated Chassis-Board
    Full-Color Hi-Def Visual Diagrams for Hardware Wiring
    “Lego®-Inspired” Snap On/Off Components using 3M Velcro®-Style Fasteners.
    Ardublockly “Drag-n-Drop” Block-based Coding using Google's Blockly Engine

    B. Scale Seriously

    Programming: Real-Time Auto-Coding to Industry-Standard C/C++ for All Models

    Our Award-Winning ArduBlockly Programming Environment provides 'Auto-Coding' where, in real-time, ArduBlockly translates the Block-based Coding (from the screen's left-side) to Text-based C/C++ Coding (to the screen's right-side).  Kindly watch video below.

    DC Motors Upgrades for Models R1 & R2.x

    Software-Programmable RC (Remote Control) Upgrades for Models R1, R2 & R3

    "T.A.C.H.nology® A.F.S." (Anti-Flex Stabilizer) Securely Aligns the Axle/Wheel Assembly for a Wide Range of Motor Upgrades (see right photo)
    Motors (l to r) ~ Model R1: Servo @ 60 rpm; Model R2.1-2.2: DC Brush @ 85-125 rpm; Model R2.3: DC Micro-Brush @ 400 rpm
    Model R1: 3’ (1m) Range ~ Infrared-LED 38KHz RC Network ~ 17-Button Keypad Controller
    Model R2: 100’-300’ (30m-90m) Range ~ 2.4GHz RC Network ~ Competition-Ready Hi-Def Joystick Controller (includes 2nd Arduino)
    Model R3: 100’-300’ (30m-90m) Range ~ 2.4GHz RC Network ~ LCD 7-in Touch-Screen Controller (includes Python-Based Raspberry-Pi Server/Cloud via Linux-OS)

    Model R2 RC Range Demo

    C. Start, Scale & Save Significantlyover other Robotic Kits

    T.A.C.H.nology® R-Series: 

    Models R1+, R2 & R3

    Makeblock’s mBotLEGO® Mindstorms EV3TETRIX® Prime w/Arduino
    VEX® EDR
    Dual Control



    Block-Based Coding

    Yes: ArduBlockly
    [Models R1+, R2 & R3]

    Yes: mBlock

    Yes: LabView 
    (But harder to code, longer programs)
    Yes: ArduBlock
    Yes: MODKIT




    Visual Auto-Coding 
    to Text-Based 
    Yes: ArduBlockly
    [Models R1+, R2 & R3]
    (Market Value:
    Not Real-Time and 
    No Code Highlighting




    DC Motors Upgrades
    Three Motors Ranging from 60 rpm to 400 rpm 
    [Models R2.1 to R2.3]




    Remote Control
    Joystick UI
    Yes [Model R1+, R2]
    (Market Value: 
    $64.95 TETRIX® PRIME Wireless Joystick, $64.96 Vex IQ Controller Kit)
    College & Career 
    Head Start

    LearnHardware Engineering:Electrical Basics
    (such as Digital/Analog Input/Output [I/O] and Signal, Power & Ground Wiring)
    [Models R1+, R2 & R3]




    College & Career
    Head Start

    Software Engineering:
     Beyond the Robotics/Embedded 

    (such as Web-Based IoT/Cloud Development for Mobile/Desktop UI Apps)
    [Model R3: RC Touch-Screen UI]
    (Market Value: 
    $114/yr indie/free)



    (not including tax, 
    prices subject to change)

     $195 (R1+)$95$349$489

    D. Socialize Smartly... @ our M.E.C.C.™ Events

    By integrating both 1) the latest in open-source T.echnology and 2) our family-friendly A.rts & C.raft methodology -- all in a H.olistic way, our T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics System proves to be more than just a kit.  With every student - young and old - having access to their own T.A.C.H.nology® Robot, each individual can now design, build and customize their own bot for a Massively Engaged Co-op Competition -- M.E.C.C.™ -- involving five, ten or more T.A.C.H.nology® Robots.  Imagine team-based contests such as a) Capture the Flag, b) Soccer/Rugby, c) Freeze Tag, d) Squad Sumo-Wrestling, and e) Bouncy Balloons w/ Daggers of Doom, just to name a few.  A  M.E.C.C.™ registration-cost will modestly be the total price of a premiere movie ticket, popcorn, and a drink.  That's why T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics is more than just a kit... it's a massively cooperative, community experience.

    III. T.A.C.H.nology® RoboticsModels R1, R2 & R3 

    Major Components Matrix

    ChassisMotorRemote Control (RC)
    Remote Control (RC) 
    User Interface (UI) 

    R1 Base-Model



    Keypad UI

     R1 Chassis (Base-Model)  

      Servo @ 60 rpm

     3’ (1m) Range ~
    Infrared-LED 38KHz  RC Network

    17-Button Keypad UI

    R2.x Upgrade

    Upgrade Kits

    Motor 85 rpm & Joystick UI

    Motor 125 rpm & Joystick UI

    Motor 400 rpm & Joystick UI

    Upgrade Solo Parts

    Joystick UI

    Motor 125 rpm

    Motor 400 rpm

    Upgrade the above R1 Model with the following components to the right:

    DC Brush @ 85 rpm [R2.1]


    DC Brush @ 125 rpm [R2.2]

      DC Micro-Brush @ 400 rpm [R2.3]

    100’-300’ (30m-90m) Range ~ 2.4GHz RC Network 

     Includes 2nd Arduino

     Hi-Def Joystick UI 

    R3 Upgrade
    College & Career
    Head Start

    Upgrade Kit


    Touch-Screen UI

    Upgrade the above R2 Model with the following components to the right:        Same RC Network as Model R2
       Includes Raspberry Pi w/ Linux-OS

     Front-End Stack: LCD 7-in Touch-Screen UI as HTML-Based Client
     Back-End Stack: Python-Based Raspberry-Pi Server/Cloud via Linux-OS
         Physical Wireless Keyboard

    IV. Accolades

    • Our Students+ @Maker Faire
    • @ Tech Museum of Innovation, SJ
    • w/ Global Leaders
    • "Code For The Kingdom" Hackathon
    Our Students+ @Maker Faire

    My amazing T.A.C.H.nology® Robotics students (and amazing parents as well) who have showcased their own T.A.C.H.nology® Bots since 2015 at the Premier Showroom of Maker Faire, where over 100K attendees visit the campus on a given weekend in May.

    @ Tech Museum of Innovation, SJ
    w/ Global Leaders
    "Code For The Kingdom" Hackathon

    V. Support Opportunities Available

    A. Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Signups


    Free Indiegogo Pre-Launch Signup

    B. R&D Support Fund

    Also, we still face the reality of our expenses… 

    such as covering facility usage, curriculum materials, technology equipment as well as - funding academic scholarships & internships.  

    Thus, we are exceedingly grateful if you wish to go to this link regarding any kind contributions to help offset our costs, 

    so that we can continue to  encourage and empower  our students in crazily, amazing ways. :)